Spiral hydro cooler

The Bieffe Co SPY spiral hydro cooler consists of a spiral belt system built inside a stainless steel enclosure with an integrated design with its base tank. Through cold water showers specifically designed in order to keep the product constantly submerged by water, the spiral hydro cooler of Bieffe Co cool more uniformly than traditional coolers. The Bieffe Co spiral systems are engineered to elevate production lines sanitation standards, reducing heat treatment timing and saving energy, due to a super-efficient shower system with variable control options.

Suitable in multiple configurations, from site-built single drum to twin drum set, from direct drum rive to direct edge drive type, the SPY spiral systems of Bieffe Co offer also multiple belt width, configuration and material options as well as several possibilities for infeed and outfeed conveyors. An HDMI PLC touch-screen system is integrating all the process and safety functions as well as all the controls in operator-friendly design.

The hydro cooler is self-staking on its feet so there is no needs of civil works.
The system recirculates all the water in its own base tank which is designed for the line capacity: a pump recirculates the water through a plate heat exchanger and the flow is integrated by a 3 ways valve automatically.

Spiral belt options include various widths, different infeed and exit orientations, all stainless steel, all plastic or hybrid cross of stainless steel and plastic materials according to application and preference. Stainless steel structure hygienically designed to ensure quick cleaning and max uptime.
Branded main components ensuring highest quality and reliable backup and spares.