Bieffe Co is your right partner for setting up your complete line in the food and beverage industry. Whichever would be your packaging, PET, HDPE, GLASS, CAN, BRICK, or even POUCHES, in over 30 years of experience Bieffe Co has achieved a high level of expertise in order to suggest to you the proper solution for your application.

Through its lean manufacturing platform integrated with a 4.0 intensive flow control program, Bieffe Co is able to assist you designing your line, supporting you on every stage of your project.

From the design to the fabrication, from the assembly to the final validation, Bieffe Co is able to complete your line integrating every component or machine required.

A close interaction with its partners enable Bieffe Co to support you for the final success of your project certifying the efficiency of the line, calculating the right utilities you might need, designing directly all the mechanical, electrical and pneumatic details of your puzzle.

BIEFFE ENGINEERING: your right partner for a total solution.