Drying tunnels


Bieffe Co designs and manufactures a wide range of drying tunnels, which stand out thanks to the technological innovation, the finishings and technical solutions applied, aimed at maximising operating simplicity and minimising maintenance, thus saving energy and ensuring low operating costs as the starting points in developing our products.

Technical specifications
  • Stainless steel structures;
  • Operator access doors made of polycarbonate panels;
  • Side crankcase created in stainless steel with sound-absorbing panels;
  • Centrifugal blowers with cooling fan;
  • Manifold with multiple air jets in sufficient quantities to dry the bottle;
  • Plastic nozzles, adjustable in height and width along the route;
  • Single-row conveyor with stainless steel side rails;
  • 5.5 kw blowers;
  • Switchboard for operating and stopping.
  • 7.5 kw blowers;
  • Air heating resistors;
  • Internal motorisation for chain transport;
  • Management of blowers via an inverter.