Operating for over 30 years, BIEFFECO has the aim to provide a total solution for handling, conveying and thermal treatment. Many companies tend to focus only on products or service, forgetting to listen to what Customers really need. The goal of BIEFFECO business is to support each Customer providing total conveying engineering, understanding industrial project requirements, managing product diversity and finally developing the most flexible and profitable solution.

BIEFFECO has a complete range of conveying solutions, all type of machines and accessories for completing your plant and now also innovative solutions for the thermal treatment which enable BIEFFECO to fully understand the goals of your packing line.

Why choose us?
Space optimisation

In consideration of the available spaces, Bieffe Co process lines are designed to adapt to the conditions of your company by optimising the dedicated area in the best way possible.

Fluidity of design

The entire line is designed to simplify the processes, with the machinery strategically arranged to occupy as little space as possible, thus reducing time and costs whilst improving efficiency.

Hardware and software

Logico is Bieffe Co’s subsidiary company, dedicated to automation. Logic and control are the concepts that guide the design and development of the hardware and software.

The right numbers

Bieffe Co is a reliable partner for the companies with which it collaborates thanks to the experience gained over time. The systems are designed and manufactured with extreme care, hence why they are a guarantee for reliability.

Precision and attention to detail

Bieffe Co operators are professionals with extensive experience. Each Bieffe Co production is controlled and tested to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of the product.

Continuous support and assistance

Bieffe Co works in synergy with its partners, providing advice and technical support to ensure excellent results.

Our mission

Continuous movement. Bieffe Co is a company projected towards innovation and progress. Thanks to this spirit, it has developed projects and realised state-of-the-art transport and automation systems for over two decades. Throughout the years, Bieffe Co has developed with an eye to the future, establishing itself as a point of reference in the sector even at an international level. Two of Bieffe Co main strengths are speed and precision, determining the reliability and efficiency of the company’s production.
A company is only as great as its employees. Indeed, Bieffe Co can count on a group of professionals who work with a great team spirit and the utmost dedication. This allows us to offer a constant support service to our partners, with the aim of establishing long-lasting professional rapports and highly valued relationships.