Slat divider


Multifile dividers for packaged products.

Technical specifications
  • Frame in painted steel or stainless steel;
  • Stainless steel tubular support structure having black plastic dowel feet with adjustable height ±50 mm;
  • Black milled rollers for product support;
  • A pneumatic system (FESTO) installed on the machine, consisting of a cylinder, electric valve, pressure reducer, pressure gauge, a shut-off valve and a manual lubrication pump;
  • Motorisation thanks to a gear reducer, mounted directly on the axis;
  • At the base of the diverter, closure is effectuated by means of stainless-steel mesh. At the output is a motorised roller and an axle group to control the alignment of products completed by a micro-switch;
  • To ensure greater protection and safety, the structure is equipped with an overhead hood that can be easily opened and equipped with micro safety switches.