Low speed multifile dividers


Bulk product dividers for productions up to 20,000 b/h of a mono-axis variety.
The dividers consist of an electro-welded support frame made of tubular painted steel or stainless steel, the design of which is devised to facilitate cleaning of the ground beneath.
The upper part of the frame supports the traversal sliding guide of the exchange head, consisting of the belt unit and its asynchronous gear motor and comes complete with white polyethylene product-saving guides able to be quickly replaced and with stainless steel reinforcements.
The movement of the transverse sliding axis takes place, rather, through a brushless motor.
The lower part of the frame supports the bottle handling conveyor, created in stainless steel.
The dividers are completed by the motorised dosing unit produced at the input, whilst at the output, the conveyor belt comes fitted with the guides necessary to complete the evacuation of the bottles.
The motorisation of the main conveyor and of the flanking input group occurs via fixed-speed gearboxes, commanded by the control panel, built in stainless steel and fixed directly aboard the machine.


The structure of the dividers is equipped with boundary protectors, created in line with current regulations.
The lower part is made of AISI 304 stainless steel panels, affixed to the supporting structure. The upper part is comprised of polycarbonate panels with a 15-mm thickness and a practical sliding opening.
Accessing inside the machine is easy, without any additional bulk and in compliance with the projection of the machine layout. Such accesses are also protected by safety micro-switches.