High speed multifile dividers


Bulk product dividers with standards reaching 70,000 b/h, being of a double-axis type with tracking head.
The dividers consist of a robust electro-welded support frame in tubular painted steel or stainless steel, in 100x100x2 and 100x50x2 sections (with a frame weight of just 310 kg), being ±50 mm adjustable in height. The design of the structure has been devised to facilitate the cleaning of the ground beneath.
The upper part of the frame supports the aluminium linear guides, intended to handle the movement of the lateral and longitudinal axes of the exchange head.
The movement of these axes occurs via two brushless motors coupled with epicyclic gearing.
The stroke of the trailing head is sized based on the project data, in order to optimise the machine’s exchange functionality.
All of the sides of the exchange group are made of extruded aluminium profile and equipped with quick-replacement white polyethylene product protectors.
The dividers are completed by the motorised flanking unit for dosing the products at the point of input, whilst at the output, the conveyor belt comes fitted with the guides necessary to complete the discharge of the bottles.
The motorisation of the main conveyor and of the flanking input group occurs via fixed-speed gearboxes, commanded by the control panel, built in stainless steel and fixed directly aboard the machine.
The exchange group is composed as follows:

  • An initial fixed input group, adjustable in width via a handwheel with position counter;
  • A group of telescopic guides, with continuity during the transverse displacements of the exchange head;
  • A trolley with transversal movement, adjustable in width via a handwheel with position counter;
  • An exchange head with movement tracking, adjustable in width via a handwheel with position counter, complete with dedicated side boards in anodised aluminium with fixed attachment to the head and telescopic connection to the trolley via tempered bars and guide rollers.

The structure of the dividers is equipped with boundary protectors, created in line with current regulations.
The lower part is made of AISI 304 stainless steel panels, affixed to the supporting structure. The upper part is comprised of polycarbonate panels with a 15-mm thickness and a practical sliding opening.
Accessing inside the machine is easy, without any additional bulk and in compliance with the projection of the machine layout. Such accesses are also protected by safety micro-switches.