Designed to preheat glass jars and bottles before the filling zone, they are critical in processes in which excessive thermal shock to the glass could cause breakage.
The containers are heated by steam jets with several nozzles, located along the length of the tunnel.
The Bieffe Co pre-heaters are equipped with anti-drip stainless-steel steam collection hoods and insulated side panels.
The preheating tunnels are completed by a stainless-steel framework, containing the electrical and pneumatic components for the automatic management of the following parameters:

  • Actuation and shutdown of the aspirator;
  • Temperature control via connection to the PT100 probe, with alarms in case of unsuitable steam;
  • Management of the steam shut-off/closure solenoid valve that intervenes in case of a line stoppage, halting the steam supply and thus avoiding excessive heating of the product.