The Bieffe Co washers are used for cleaning containers such as bottles, jars and tins, being especially suitable in the food and canning industries.
The function of the washers is of fundamental importance in the production cycle, given that rinsing the containers in transit after filling eliminates the risk of introducing dirt into the subsequent machines that comprise the line.

Technical specifications
  • AISI 304 stainless steel frame;
  • Internal tunnel complete with steam extractor;
  • A series of pump-powered nozzles;
  • Water collection tank with dual extractable filter;
  • Steam coil/steam water exchanger;
  • Booster pump;
  • Flow control valve;
  • Thermostat for regulating water temperature;
  • Steam inlet solenoid valve;
  • Insulation of the vat walls via insulating material;
  • Openable tunnel with splash guard located in the area of the ducts predisposed for washing with the dual function of preventing water leakage;
  • Traversal conveyor;
  • Stainless steel electrical panel for commanding the machine;
  • The machines are manufactured according to safety regulations, such as Machinery Directive 2006/42, with CE marking.