Air conveyors


The “BLOWIND” transport system is suitable for handling empty PET containers, due to its simplicity, high efficiency and unique functionality that eliminates the possibility of stucking due to the known instability of the containers themselves. Indispensable for high-speed lines, they are used to connect the various operating machines handling the empty container (unscrambler/blower – filling machine).The “BLOWIND” support the containers via a neck guide, pushing them through an aeration system generated by the ventilation units equipped with an air filtering system. The particular shape of the conveyors thus exploits the flow generated by the air to move the products in a quiet and uniform way.Laterally, the “BLOWIND” system is completed by body guides that, on request, can be equipped with pneumatic actuators to permit a quick and precise change of position, perfectly adapting to the various production formats.

  • Highly adaptable;
  • Modular construction of all components;
  • Reduced wear and maintenance times;
  • Possible development on multiple levels;
  • Reduced overall dimensions.
Technical specifications
  • Structure in stainless steel: AISI 304;
  • Guide neck in UHMW material, with steel reinforcement;
  • Possibility of manual and/or automatic management of the entire plant;
  • Pneumatic bottle stoppage;
  • Automatic pneumatic bottle expulsion;
  • Tilting elements useful for height adjustment;
  • Automatic partitions with 2 or more directions;
  • Different types of supports for fixing to the ground, wall or ceiling.
  • Automatic pneumatic adjustment of the side rails for multiple bottle formats;
  • Automatic pneumatic adjustment of neck rails for multiple formats;
  • HEPA filters.